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Wine Channel TV Visits Lamadrid Estate Winery

Jessica Altieri on February 28, 2017 - 10:30 am in What's Trending, WineChannelTV

Meet Guillermo Garcia Lamadrid

Wine Channel TV and Lamadrid Estate WineryWine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri attended the Vino Del Sol Media Tour this past month and had the chance to visit with Guillermo Garcia Lamadrid of Lamadrid Estate Winery.

Born in 1961 in Communist Cuba, Guillermo Garcia Lamadrid, entered the U.S. when his parents sent him to Miami at the age of eleven in hopes of him finding a better life. Even at this early age, however, he had acquired a love of growing things and the soil from the agricultural traditions of his original homeland. Despite some setbacks, he is today the successful proprietor and sommelier of Lamadrid Estate Wines.

A Cuban-American citizen living mainly in Puerto Rico, he cut his commercial teeth in the import-export business throughout North and South America, but mainly in Puerto Rico. With thirty-three years of experience in this industry under his belt, he was ready to take on a project close to his heart: producing fine wines in Mendoza, Argentina.

The soil and climate in the wine region of Mendoza is one reason for the popularity of Argentinean wine around the world. This Argentina wine region produces about two thirds of Argentinean wine, but it is most well-known for being the home of several wines made from the Malbec cultivar. One of Mr. Lamadrid’s flagship offerings, showcasing the flavors typical of the area, and specifically that surrounding the village of Agrelo, is called the Begani Master Blend, a red which offers rich and intense flavors.

During our visit at the winery we were greeted by tasty homemade empanadas followed by a wonderful tasting of their complete wine line-up. We then had a spectacular three-course lunch featuring local Argentine dishes to accompany the wine perfectly.

Watch the interview above with Lamadrid Estate Winery’s Guillermo Garcia Lamadrid to learn more about his history and what wine you should have on your shopping list. Cheers from Wine Channel TV!


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