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Wine and Football 2016

Jessica Altieri on September 5, 2016 - 9:46 am in Featured Video, Wine Lifestyle, WineChannelTV

Wine and the NFL

BY: Becky Kivlovitz O’Connor – Wine Channel TV Contributor

Wine NFL with Jessica Altieri Wine TVWhile beer commercials and advertisements dominate the NFL networks and stadiums, wine has secured a major interference. Many NFL players, alums, coaches and owners not only opt for wine over beer, but some of these super athletes have actually chosen to make wine making a next career. A current NFL legend, Terence Newman has gone as far as crediting red wine for his prolonged career. And it makes sense: The average NFL salary grants more of a “wining and dining” lifestyle over kegs and keystone.

NFL Wine Makers

Washington’s Doubleback Winery is owned and founded by Drew Bledsoe, former quarterback of the New England Patriots. Joe Montana, 49ers quarterback and four-time Super Bowl champion, currently produces Montagia Wines. Terry Hoage, 1992 Redskins Super Bowl champ, makes his very own Terry Hoage Wine in Paso Robles. Other wine producing players include future Hall-of-Famer Charles Woodson (TwentyFour Wines) and Dan Marino (Marino Estates Vintage 13). Some NFL coaches have gotten into the wine production industry as well, including Vermeil Wines by former coach Dick Vermeil. Mike Ditka, Hall of Fame Chicago Bears coach, has worked with Mendocino Wine Co. and Terlato Wine Co. producing a set of wines including “Big Ass Red,” “The Icon” and “The Champion.” How appropriate for “Iron Mike.”

NFL Wine Accessories

From NFL team wine glasses to helmet-shaped wine stoppers, if you’re shopping for a wine-lover and NFL super-fan, opportunities are limitless. The wide array of NFL wine products available to purchase assuredly attest to wine’s prevalent role in NFL watching communities. Though I don’t understand the target market for this tacky NFL high-heel bottle holder.

Wine as the “key to NFL longevity”

Terence Newman, Minnesota Vikings cornerback, has credited red wine for his longevity in the NFL, according to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press, “Red wine is the key,” Newman said, “Get it in your veins, baby. Keeps you strong.” While this advice may sound outlandish, Newman just completed his 13th NFL season—we are all listening. Maybe it’s the anti-oxidants, who knows. But I’ll have another glass.

Snack Pairing for Watch Parties

Whether it be that sacred Sunday in February, the Super Bowl, or tailgating through a college season, the opportunities for creative snack and wine pairings are endless. While you may have never considered the blend to best suit your stadium’s chili-cheese dog, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the results. And if hosting your own watch party, there’s no better way to impress the guests than a perfectly paired wine and mini-burger selection.

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