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Wine Judges You Want To Know

Jessica Altieri on August 9, 2013 - 9:15 am in Blog, Featured Video, WineChannelTV

Wine judges have a unique way to smile and sip their way thru wine competitions. Let’s face it, not all wines are created equal. Yet, the passion for wine is evident in all that they do to help find the “wines that wow” for consumers.

The International Wine Channel TV Awards takes place on September 4-5th and led by the world class wine competition and logistics team at Vineyard and Winery Management, we’re ready for a world class wine competition.


Meet some of the all-star wine judges below in Part 2. More to come each week leading up to the International Wine Channel TV Awards on September 4-5th, 2013. Follow all the action on Wine Channel TV !

tim marsonTim Marson MW In addition to judging fine wines, Tim Marson could also sing their praises, as a classically trained bass singer. Tim attended Oxford University as a Classics scholar, then entered the wine business on the retail side in the UK before working trade sales. He re-located to Napa, California, where he is now a Buyer with Global Wine Co, where he sources and selects wines for the wine clubs of Williams-Sonoma, New York Times, Washington Post, and Food & Wine Magazine.

Brian Smith Brian is fascinated with the number “7,” to the point of always setting a clock or alarm at that number. He is a former Somm at Charlie Palmer’s Aureole Las Vegas. He is the driving force behind the wine project “Loca Linda,” which takes him to Argentina a number of times a year for business and fun. On the fun side, Brian collaborated with DJ Adog on music recently and he will drink wine anywhere with a view!brian smith

l-220x300Erik Miller Originally from Indiana, Erik packed his bags after Purdue University and came to Sonoma. Working the crush at the Belvedere Winery on the Russian River turned Erik’s life around. He committed to studying winemaking. Five years later, he opened his own winery, Kokomo – named after his hometown. He is committed to producing wines that have “a sense of place-the soil type, the microclimate, where they grow.”


joel greenJoel Green As a winemaker and the General Manager of Safe Harbor wine storage, Joel Green sees wine from two perspectives. He has produced wines using stave and micro-oxygenation techniques that were preferred over barrel aging. He now assists winemakers storing their precious juice. “I enjoy most the client interaction, working with winemakers and owners and following the progress of their wines under our care.” Joel appreciates the uniqueness and diversity of wine and those who produce it.




Thanks to Doreen Winkler – Wine Channel TV Contributor for this article.



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