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Wine Lifestyle London with Wine Channel TV

Jessica Altieri on April 4, 2013 - 6:02 am in Blog, Featured Video, WineChannelTV

Shrouded in rich history and culture, Gordon’s Wine Bar is positioned in central London and has the status of the oldest wine bar in London, established in 1890. It’s a Wine Channel TV Wine Lifestyle pick of the week!

Wine Lifestyle with Wine Channel TV

Wine Lifestyle with Wine Channel TV

This famous bar is adored by old and young alike thanks to the totally unique atmosphere in which time seems to have stood still. As you enter the bar there’s a room with old wooden walls covered in historical newspaper cuttings and memorabilia faded with age, only adding to the character. If the sun is out you can also sit outside in Watergate walk and enjoy watching the world go by, London at its best.

The current owners try to maintain the bar and keep it in its original form – which basically means no change whatsoever. The original décor, lack of loud music and the selling of wine alone has kept this bar’s vintage and comforting feel, whilst providing traditional and well priced food brings in new and fresh interest each day.

The award winning wine list is varied and full of interesting wines at very reasonable prices. Traditional and seasonal sherries, madeiras and ports are served from the barrel, and food comes in proper portions which range from homemade pies to wonderfully mature cheese selections. Essentially – when in London, go to Gordon’s.

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