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Millennial Wine Lifestyle Recipe

Jessica Altieri on July 22, 2012 - 8:16 am in Featured Video, WineChannelTV

Take one part new eclectic wine lifestyle superstore like Mariano’s Fresh Market or Walgreens. Add in a live social media experience at Kenmore Live Studio. Throw in a little “Lollapalooza”. Mix with great wine and legendary winemakers. It’s the 2012 recipe for  “Wine Lifestyle” Millennial magic. It’s safe to say wine shopping and tasting have changed dramatically in 2012 and will continue to draw interest from the millennial wine crowd. But newsflash; a static Facebook page won’t do it alone.

Attracting the wine lifestyle millennial crowd will take more than online engagement or Facebook offers. At some point, it’s going to take tasting the wine in a fun friendly environment. And if it can’t take place at home, why not at a live wine experience event at brand icons like Walgreens or Kenmore. Major wine brands around the globe are embracing the opportunity to engage “walk-thru” traffic at major retailers in an effort to add one “bottle” to the shopping basket. And if it means bringing in a top chef, music icon, or fashion diva to do it, so be it.Want to meet a legendary winemaker? Chances are, if you head over to your local Walgreens on most weekends, you’ll get to share a glass of wine, have a conversation and get to know the face behind the label.

Getting shelf space on an end-cap just won’t do it these days. Smart, savvy, educated wine lifestyle millennial consumers are actually looking for a “live experience” or at the least, conversation when shopping for wine. The art of conversation still exists. Call it old school meets new school.


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