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Wine TV Guide presents Mandrarossa Winery

Jessica Altieri on February 12, 2015 - 10:30 am in What's Trending, Wine Lifestyle, WineChannelTV

Ladies of Menfi with Wine TV

Wine TV Guide with Mandrarossa WineryJoin Wine TV, for a special Wine TV Guide tour of Mandrarossa Winery. The views are spectacular as the wine. The vineyards lie along the southern coast of Sicily. The dry climate along with the proximity to the sea, the sea breezes all make for a unique blend of elements for this winery.

Mandrarossa is the creation of Cantine Settesoli, one of the world’s largest wine producers. Located in the historic town of Menfi, in the southwest corner of this idyllic Mediterranean island, Mandrarossa was guided into modern times by the “father” of contemporary Sicilian wine, Diego Planeta. Diego led the company for 38 years from 1973 to 2011. The perfect Mediterranean climate and terroir of Sicily are ideally suited for making wine. Of course, the best winemaking requires more than natural gifts. Enter Settesoli, one of Europe’s largest and most respected wineries. Founded by Cantine Settesoli in 1959, Mandrarossa boasts a premium range of estate-bottled wines.

Wine TV Guide wine lifestyle host Jessica Altieri meets with winemaker Milena Rizzo and the Mandrarossa Kitchen Brigade. The “Ladies of Menfi”  share the experience  of Sicilian wine, evoked by the scents of Mandrarossa wines and local dishes prepared by the skilled hands of “Menfi’s Ladies”. The country cooking school is focused around the traditional knowledge of the Ladies of Menfi. From Ladies of Menfi; “Food is directly picked up from the kitchen garden in the backyard, freshly crushed olives provide the exquisite extra-virgin olive oil used to dress every recipe and the seasonís vegetables are always available at the centre of the table. Every day the family meets around the dinner table to enjoy the simple, healthy and delicious food that is prepared with love and devotion by the mothers. So traditional dishes still characterize our daily gatherings, which become events and holidays when they offer the opportunity to celebrate family, friendship and neighbourhood ties in a culture that has created the image of the generous hospitality of the local farming community. The role of women in this community is a primary one. They are the real angels of the hearth and hand down, generation after generation, the rich heritage of culinary knowledge, ingredients, recipes, old tricks and secrets they themselves learnt from their mothers and grandmothers, this allowing our tradition of conviviality to continue and keep the values of our typical popular farming culture alive.”

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