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New Zealand Wine Adventure

Jessica Altieri on June 16, 2017 - 1:55 pm in Wine Lifestyle, WineChannelTV

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Adventure Wine Getaways

All that wine and food pairing can add up in calories. Why not incorporate a wine tasting tour with action and adventure? Ideal climate conditions for vineyards are coincidentally ideal climate conditions for outdoor activity: picturesque countryside and moderate 70-degree days with cool evenings. Plus, there is no better incentive for physical exertion than the reward of a region’s finest bottle of wine.

New Zealand Horse Riding and Wine Tasting

Ride horseback through the world’s most scenic and most photographed Rippon Vineyard. Each ride tours the vineyard and wine production history—tastings included. Book your ride here, and prepare to be mesmerized by Lake Wanaka and the surrounding peaks as well as Rippon Vineyard’s quality harvest.

Trekking Montefalco’s Wine Trail

Trek through Umbria—Italy’s more authentic, lesser known wine region. Umbria’s charm runs wild through lush, leafy vineyards framing juicy Sagrantino grapes, the medieval hamlet of Montefalco, cobblestone streets, and antiquated churches. With over 70 vineyards to visit along the trail, leave adequate time to enjoy your trek. Check out a sample itinerary.

Sonoma on Horseback

Take in the beauty of it all, via horseback. Let the wind rush through your hair as your loyal steed gallops through the oak woodlands, around the Mayacamas Mountains and along the leafy rows of green through Northern California’s wine country. Chalk Hill Estate offers private equestrian, wine and culinary tours on their 1300+ acres of land.

Paddle to the Tarara Winery

For an epic paddle, wine and concert experience, book this trip. Start by kayaking 7 miles down the Potomac River to Tarara Winery in Leesburg, Virginia. Let the sampling of wines and purchasing of bottles ensue as Monk’s barbeque awaits each adventurer with the option of pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket and bacon on a stick with savory sides. The night falls into live music and dancing under the stars.

France’s Vineyard Walking Tour

Choose from Southwest France’s three-day Saussignac Vineyard Walking Wine Tour or four-day Bordeaux Vineyard Walking Wine Tour. Southwest France is framed by the Atlantic and Spain’s Pyrenees Mountains, creating a mild, warm climate for wine cultivation. These treks saunter along the 20+ vineyards, taking in the lush hillside and region’s charm and history, step by step.

Chile Bike and Wine Adventure

Pedal a moderate 20-60 miles/day around Maipo, Casablanca, San Antonio and Colchagua Valleys to sample Chile’s rich wine selection and stunning beauty. With this breathtaking tour, you’ll certainly earn your glass and experience zero guilt for the second or third empanada.

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