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Wine Channel TV Shows you How to Pick the Right Riesling – Wine TV Guide

Wine TV Guide – Riesling

The Flying Fish is not just another restaurant in Disney. The name stems from the Golden age of roller coasters in the roaring 20’s. It was actually one of the coaster cars on the infamous “Flying Turns” roller coaster that reflected a whole new genre of attractions post WW1.

Well, here at the Flying Fish the special attraction was definitely the wine list. On the menu, a specific wine is selected to compliment each entree, along with pre-selected flight specials. Not bad for a Disney restaurant 🙂

I went with the refreshing Riesling Flight, which included:

Gunderloch Diva Spatlese 07′ from Rheinhessen, Germany , a Selbach-Oster Kabinett 08′ from Mosel, Germany and Washington’s Barnard Griffin 08′ .

The Gunderloch Spatlese had wonderful crisp, citrus and lychee notes, yet was surprisingly a bit drier than the honey sweet flavored Kabinett, which would usually be the drier of the two. Wine TV loves the dish.

Kabinett refers to typically semi-sweet German Rieslings with crisp acidity, but it can be dry. While Spatlese meaning “late harvest”is usually sweeter and fruitier than Kabinett. But again, SpĂ€tlese can be a relatively full-bodied dry wine if designed to be that way such as this Gunderloch.

Watch JustJess and WineChannelTV in action showing you how to pick the right Riesling for your palate!

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