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Hydration Tips with Well+Good

Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri
Jessica Altieri on October 13, 2018 - 9:14 am in Jessica Altieri, Water Sommelier, WineChannelTV

Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri with Well+Good

Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri

Humbled and thrilled to be interviewed by the wonderful team at Well+Good and share my thoughts and tips on how to stay hydrated and enjoy great water. Yes, a Water Sommelier does exist out in the world of food and beverages and educating and empowering people on how to enjoy better water was a great idea by the Well+Good team.

Please visit Well+Good for all kinds of healthy habit ideas and tips for living well.

A water sommelier (yep, it’s a thing) shares her insider hydration knowledge

Jess Altieri picks up the glass to the right of her plate and gives it a swirl, holding the base as to not change the temperature of the liquid she’s about to sip. After tilting it back and giving it a whiff, she takes her first taste, making sure it hits all the flavor points on her tongue before finally swallowing.



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