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Malbec World Day 2017 is Here! Will You Enjoy a Zolo?

Jessica Altieri on April 17, 2017 - 7:40 am in Killer Pairings, What's Trending


#MalbecWorldDay with Jessica AltieriAs Malbec World Day, #malbecworldday approaches, we take a moment to honor the craftsmanship and heritage behind one of the most unique wines in the world.

Malbec World Day is held on April 17 of each year as a salute to president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento of Argentina, who declared it his mission to transform the Argentinian wine industry on this day. The year was 1853, and Sarmiento asked French soil expert Michel Aime Pouget to bring over some new wines – one of them was Malbec.

Malbec subsequently flourished in Argentina until 1956, when a freeze destroyed most Malbec vineyards. Over the years since, more than 10,000 acres of Malbec have been planted. Now, Argentinian Malbec is back as strong as ever.

Among these Malbecs is Zolo Malbec, an award-winning wine designed by winemakers Fabian Valenzuela and Jean Claude Berrouet.

Zolo is made with grapes only from the Mendoza River Valley’s first zone. According to Zolo President and CEO Patricia Ortiz, these grapes are known for their exceptional fruitiness. Crafted using sustainable methods, the wines spend 8 months in oak and include fresh red fruits and ripe tannins.

Zolo has become known as one of Argentina’s most high-tech wineries, and it’s been around since 2004. The estate-grown brand is committed to creating high craft wines with “aromatic complexity”.

Malbec World Day 2017 with Jessica Altieri

Recently, Wine Channel TV and host Jessica Altieri sat down with Patricia Ortiz in an interview in which Zolo was specifically on the table. Since 2003, she has worked to further instill elegance and identity into her brand, and she’s excited to promote this special brand.

This Malbec World Day,  #malbecworldday,  you can enjoy a variety of Malbecs available around the world. No matter where you are, you can celebrate the heritage of rich Malbec! You might even find a Zolo near you.


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