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Not Your Grandmothers Wine Store

Jessica Altieri on February 21, 2014 - 7:33 am in Sip & Shop, What's Trending

Wine Store Olympics? Gold Medal to the new Walgreens Flagship Stores in Chicago! This Wine Channel TV Inside Sips segment features Wine at Walgreens Flagship Stores, A Perfect Pairing for wine millennials looking for budget and high end wine options for today’s wine lifestyle savvy consumers. Wine TV loves the one-stop fresh sushi, beauty, fashion and beverages inside the Walgreens Flagship stores. Need a wine guide, we love the beverage team and their great pairing recommendations! The two-story, 19,000 square-feet store at the former Borders, 2817 N. Clark St. is a gathering spot for locals on a daily basis. this new Walgreens sells frozen yogurt, sushi, sandwiches and salads prepared on site and also has a walk-in beer cooler! The “Look Boutique” cosmetics department offers manicures and pedicures to pair with your date night wine selection. All in all, Wine Channel TV loves the way Walgreens is raising the bar for wine stores to appeal to todays wine millennials.


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