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10 Ways Wine Drinking Makes You a Better Person

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Jessica Altieri on April 28, 2016 - 3:38 pm in Featured Video, Wine Lifestyle, WineChannelTV

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By: Becky Kivlovitz O’Connor

At Wine Channel TV, its all about a fun wine experience. Like you really need a reason to pull out the bottle. But if you find yourself having to explain a second glass, we’ve got you covered with the simple fact that drinking wine makes you a better person. From health benefits to craft supplies, here are 10 perks to justify that your wine consumption actually refines your being.

  1. You’ll become good-hearted

Moderate red wine drinking is shown to lower the risk of heart disease by raising good cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reducing blood clotting and preventing damage from bad cholesterol. I.e., a wine drinker’s heart is good.

  1. It’s classy

Correctly pronouncing challenging wine like Châteauneuf du Pape (Shot-toe-NUF-dew-pahp) and Viognier (Vee-own-YAY) imbues an air of elegance. And something about a glass of wine in nice stemware declares sophistication.

  1. Wine inspires art

Old bottles and corks can be repurposed in order to create home décor, thoughtful gifts and even furniture. That’s right: Someone has created a chair made entirely from wine corks—and it’s awesome. Let the arts and crafts begin!

  1. You’ve honed your unique flavor preferences

Once you’ve been around the wine-drinking block for a year or two, you should have a clear idea of what you want. Smoky wines may not suit your palate, and you know to order a full-bodied, smooth red each time.

  1. Your friends get you

If you’re known as the group wine-o, friends and family know to bring a bottle over for dinner and that “Wine of the Month Club” membership comes in strong each birthday.

  1. Indulge in the lesser of the evils

If you are partaking in an adult beverage, wine is certainly the healthier option: Wine yields less calories than beer (who’s ever heard of a wine belly?) and fewer health risks than hard liquor. Wine also hosts antioxidants, probiotics and prevents gum disease.

  1. Sharper culinary skills

Once you enter the exciting world of wine and food pairing, there’s no turning back. You’ll be dusting off the old recipe books, calling mom for old family recipes, and using Pinterest for all it’s worth.

  1. Increase your IQ

Reading voraciously is a sure fire way to increase your IQ. And, lucky for you, most book clubs are centered around wine drinking. So if you’re a wine-o looking for incentive to develop yourself intellectually—find a book group through friends or a local Meetup.

  1. Discover your inner history buff

To justify your drinking, you’ll be rattling off biblical allusions and citing historical examples like a liberal arts professor. “You know, Jesus turned water into wine,” and “In 440 B.C. Hippocrates actually prescribed wine to medical patients.”

  1. Air of authority

Whether it be opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew, aerating wine in a blender or your knowledge of which wines to serve chilled—the people look to you for answers. And always be prepared to select the bottle for the table.

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About the Author:Becky O'Connor

Becky Kivlovitz O’Connor is a travel and lifestyle writer specializing in the global styles of wine imbibing. From working on a vineyard in the Middle East to testing wine innovations for Backpacker Magazine, Becky has experiences with blends and burgundies from all over the world. Her work has been featured in national magazines, online publications, and travel blogs. You can find her on a wild backpacking adventure, reading with a glass of Pinot Noir, or traveling the world for a good story.


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