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#BestSipEver Football Party Ideas

Jessica Altieri on August 17, 2015 - 9:36 am in #BestSipEver, Wine Lifestyle

#bestsipever with Wine Channel TVIs there any better time of year? We LOVE football season for all the right reasons. Great food, wine, friends, fans and more reasons to share your #bestsipever.

Wine Channel TV teamed up with Jenny Kelley, The Costume Chef and creator of ILoveFlavor on YouTube, to launch the Wine Channel TV campaign, #bestsipever.

What’s your #BestSipEver? Share a photo of you and your favorite beverage on Instagram with WineChannelTV using #BestSipEver while watching your favorite football team! Follow Jess and learn more about wine and #BestSipEver at http://bit.ly/1MmcjiH

Recipes created by Jenny Kelley and available at http://www.ILoveFlavor.com:
Apple Cider Sangria, Southwestern Burger Bites, Smoky Layered Bean Dip, and Football-Shaped Meat and Cheese Platter

Wine Channel TV is looking to feature college and pro football fans with their #BestSipEver! Are you watching a game with your best friend, family or at favorite bar? Tailgating or celebrating a big win or going to a big win over a rival team? Send your picture enjoying your favorite wine and be featured as the #BestSipEver fan for your city or team on Wine Channel TV!
Be sure to like/follow #bestsipever on Instagram at http://bit.ly/1MmcjiH. Weekly winners beginning on September 1,2015.

What’s your recipe for the #BestSipEver ?


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