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The Secret of Spy Valley Wines

Jessica Altieri on March 1, 2016 - 10:44 am in Featured Video, Wine Lifestyle

Is Anyone Still Listening?

Jessica Altieri Spy Valley WinesTruth or Fiction? How did Spy Valley Wines get its name? Find out the real story and if anyone is “still listening” from New Zealand. Join Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri and Blair Gibbs from Spy Valley for the real story.

The secret is out about Spy Valley Wines here in Chicago. Grab a bottle and you’ll know what we are talking about.You may be thinking to yourself why a winery would be called “Spy Valley” vineyards. Well that is because this Marlborough region winery is located very close to an international satellite communications monitoring station. One of the first grapes to ever been grown at Spy Valley was Chardonnay. Handpicked and whole pressed before a fermentation of 18 months, you will find notes of fresh peach and lemon with sweet vanilla.

An added note about this particular vineyard, General Manager Blair Gibbs and his team work hard to be environmentally friendly with their sustainable practices by following an environmental management system. Wine Channel TV host and CEO, Jessica Altieri joined Blair for a behind the scenes chat at Walgreens in Chicago.


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