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Trophy Magazine Featured Wine Competitions

Trophy Magazine Wine Competition Guide
Jessica Altieri on February 28, 2017 - 10:56 am in Wine Lifestyle

Featured Wine Competitions

May and June 2017 Wine Competitions

Trophy Magazine Jessica AltieriGreetings and welcome to the March issue of Trophy Magazine – the only digital online wine lifestyle community dedicated to wine competitions, award-winning wines and wine experts from around the world.

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We were thrilled with all the kind words and praise from the wine community with the launch of Trophy in January 2017. We will strive to meet your expectations and provide educational and entertaining content for the wine competition community. This month, we bring you featured wine competitions for May-June 2017, with some exciting and legendary competitions you need to consider for your award winning wines.

Wine Channel TV Media presents the 2017 Wine Competition Guide; a 12 month online digital subscription which will provide you with over 100 wine competitions. Each month you will receive an updated PDF Guide with details on upcoming competitions, including entry details, contact information, website links and more. The subscription also includes monthly Winning Wines featuring selected award winning wines from prior month competitions.

Thank-you for the continued support of Trophy Magazine and please feel free to send any suggestions for upcoming featured articles to me directly at media (at) wctvnetwork (dot) com.


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