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Winter Pinot Grigio Pick Me Up

Jessica Altieri on December 20, 2018 - 3:06 am in Featured Video, Wine Lifestyle

Jessica Altieri Winter Wine Picks

Looking for a change of pace from those big, chewy reds in the middle of winter? Or are you just a white wine sipper no matter the climate? Pinot Grigio is the solution, always there to provide you with great cheer. For me, it’s the perfect anytime sipper.


Jessica Altieri Winter Wine with Coach DitkaLike a slice of sunshine on a gray day, drinking Pinot Grigio gives me a glimmer of winter hope. Rich holiday meals pile up like snow banks, at my place, and sometimes a gal just needs an escape. Pinot Grigio delivers. I send my taste buds on that pear, apricot, jasmine and cantaloupe flight, with a crisp mineral finish that screams, freezing snowy weather will end! Spring in a bottle. Pinot Grigio delivers hope to the snowbound soul.

Great Eats

You can go two ways with a good Grigio: grill chicken, broil whitefish, add crisp salads and veggies—that’s the lighter menu we all know. But in winter, I love serving Pinot G for the holidays with rich dishes like risotto and fettuccini Alfredo.

Unforgettable Kiss

Coach Mike Ditka’s passion for wine has Super Bowl fervor. I interviewed “Da Coach” mid-winter at a Walgreens and Wine Special Event, where fans and wine lovers waited for hours in the sloppy snow just to meet with the Chicago legend to talk football and wine. Massive, stern, and ready to get the show going—yep, we were all just Bears to him—he asked right off, “What are we shooting here, a movie? What’s taking so long?” I squared my steel Chicago jaw and tossed that ball right back at him, hard. “Have some wine. Relax. It’ll be over in less time than a Super Bowl commercial.” He glared, then he laughed, and with his mighty wine-making muscle on show, Da Coach gave me a hell of an interview!

Who would Ditka like to share his last glass of wine with? Coaching legends Halas and Landry. Are his wines like his personality? Kick Ass Red answers that. I found his luxurious Pinot Grigio just like Da Coach, winning from start to finish with a bit of a racy edge you just can’t help but love. Touchdown!



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